The best of city & country life.

The world’s largest metropolis Tokyo

is unique in its abundance of wilderness:

40% forest; mountains more than 2000m high;

and a coast with access to lots of islands.

Such a variety of nature into your daily life,

whether working, learning or relaxing,

makes for a more varied and enriching time in Tokyo

Discover a hitherto unknown side of Tokyo.

Having access to a change of scenery at any time,

makes everyday richer.

Nature Tokyo Experience brings you the best of the city & country.


In Tokyo’s wilder natural regions there are a number of projects offering a variety of experiences.

Here we showcase a select number of model projects, introducing you to the people involved and their local recommended spots.

We hope you will discover a new, unknown Tokyo of your own.


Model Project

Local recommendations

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do-mo forest 自然人村

do-mo Forest Shizenjin Village

A private sauna made with local timber, deep in the wilderness of Tokyo!


Now open in Do-mo Forest Shizenjin Village: a private rental sauna! Situated in Itsukaichi, a town once known for its charcoal, is this black-lacquered cylindrical sauna. Cool off in the river that flows next to the sauna or in a hinoki tub. To finish: close your eyes and soak up the sounds of nature from the outdoor pool. We hope you’ll take this special chance to reset in these natural surroundings.


do-mo KK.

Based in Akiruno, Itsukaichi, Do-mo is a regional branding company. Through their work they introduce visitors to the culture, materials and the people that make up an area. This next generation, with their own insights & determination to carry on their inheritance are keeping their culture alive by incorporating new ways of doing things. Shizenjinmura website do-mo corporate website



An area using a tiny house in Fussa City to create a new lodging experience


Using Fussa City’s characteristic ability of being able to feel like you’re on foreign soil while still being in Tokyo, a lodging facility called THE TINY INN, which uses tiny houses currently trending in the United States, was founded. As the name suggests, the simple and fun-sized shed-like houses are gaining popularity in Japan as well. DELTA EAST, a gathering of local foods from around the world, opened within the compounds.
2019 brought a number of updates to the facility including a fresh line-up of food vendors: from local brewed craft beer to New York-style pizza, donuts & west coast-style coffee, french fries & tacos to chicken wings & chicken pho: enjoy food from five fabulous food trucks!



Design and community development in urban management. Regional economic development, with a focus on regional revitalization & regional creation. As a social design think-tank, Flag NPO is involved in town planning, arts, culture, academia, sports, revitalization of economic activities, development of professional skills, creation of employment opportunities, support, etc. They are involved in all aspects related to primary industry, human resource development, support, research and studies, and overall business planning and support in redevelopment. Through these projects, they aim to contribute to society. 【WEB】


Chame House,

a treehouse-type lodging facility in Henbori


A new treehouse-type lodging facility where you can stay with your pet while feeling the great nature has opened in Hinohara Village along the valley, about a two-hour drive from the city center. The treehouse made from trees sourced in Hinohara gives off a warmth unique to wood, and a tree cut from the nearby mountain can be found in the room. From the large windows, you can look down on the clear waters of the Minamiaki River and the deep mountains that change from season to season, allowing you to blend into the richness of nature and have an extraordinary experience. There’s space covered in grass downstairs for your dog to run around, and Chame, the mascot dog, will be waiting for you as well.


Inoue Store, Co., Ltd.

We run a wide range of locally based businesses such as fuel sales, forestry, bakeries, and lodges in Henbori, a settlement in Hinohara Village, the only village in Tama area in Tokyo. In light of the declining population in Henbori, we are aiming to develop the region with the inhabitants by actively participating in the “Henbori Momiji no Sato Project,” which aims to make the settlement habitable 100 years from now by planting broad-leaved trees like maple and cherry blossoms. This time, we worked on a treehouse-type lodging facility in an effort to the develop Hinohara Village, which sees many visitors on day trips.

Niijima Villa Saishuku Monogatari

Creating a New Journey in Niijima


Niijima Villa Saishuku Monogatari is a project that was created to produce a journey that blends agriculture, the ocean, and tourism while taking advantage of features unique to Tokyo’s remote islands. Participants wear the same outfits as the members of the Niijima Farmers and experience agriculture by touching the soil and taking care of and harvesting seasonal vegetables and fruits. Afterwards, the sweat is washed away in the ocean and the body is refreshed at a free hot spring along the coast. You’ll be staying in a trailer house equipped with a large queen bed, shower booth, toilet, living room, and kitchen, located in a cedar forest so dense with nature that it’s designated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as a natural park. You will be the only people staying in the 2256m2 property. There is a gazebo with a mosquito net so you can read a book or even enjoy a cup of herbal tea with fresh herbs from the field. At night, if you turn off the lights in the trailer house, you can see the stars in the sky and experience the Milky Way with your own eyes.


Niijima Farmers, Co., Ltd

Niijima Farmers, Co., Ltd. was established in Niijima Village, a remote island in Tokyo, and is a certified farmer in Niijima Village based on Act on Promotion of Improvement of Agricultural Management Foundation. We were established in 2014 by Aonuma Construction, Co., Ltd., a civil engineering and construction company that has been operating in Niijima for over 50 years. The company was set up to produce safe vegetables that take advantage of the unique climate of the Izu Islands and has so far cultivated cherry tomatoes and sweet potatos called American potatoes, a specialty of Niijima Village. Breweries on the island have produced potato shochu from them. Recently, we have been producing and selling "Shimatama" (registered trademark), a sweet new onion that makes use of the sandy soil of Niijima, which is rich in minerals carried by the west wind from the sea.

檜原村の会員制キャンプ場に新たにサウナ施設が誕生。「HINOKO SAUNA」


A new sauna at member-only camping site in Hinohara village


New sauna now open at the exclusive Hinoko Tokyo. Made with a combination of local cypress and cedar wood, this cabin sauna is fitted with a Finnish style wooden stove. Once you’ve warmed up in the outdoor sauna, take a plunge in the Aki river! After cooling down you can spend some quality time with friends or family around the campfire.
Offsite meeting around the campfire followed by sauna and a refreshing dip in the Aki river!
We hope to see you here!





TRAIL HEADS proposes solutions for challenges in the workplace in the face of expanding work styles. It proposes and designs work fields by bringing out the identities inherent to people and companies. Since its founding in 2014, it has been involved in creating offices for over 200 growing companies with a focus on startups. It operates MAKITAKI, a co-working space where people who love the outdoors gather, and HINOKO, a campsite in Hinohara Village, Tokyo. TRAIL HEADS is engaged in realizing the value of living seamlessly while enjoying work, life, and play.Recipient of the Design Award 2021 (Germany/2021). 【WEB】

食・学・遊が融合する三鷹のイベント・グランピング施設「あつまれ!! ぶどうの森グランピングフィールド」

Event & glamping space in Mitaka that combines food, learning and play:

Gather!! Grape Forest GLAMPING FIELD


Tabi Club have opened a new event & glamping space “Gather!! Grape Forest Glamping Field” at their organic farm in Mitaka. Easily accessible from the city center, the farm is a five minute walk from Mitaka station where they offer a range of field activities on their bountiful farm. Enjoy solo camping or glamping under the shade of the grapevines, try an authentic Finnish tent sauna experience, grill organic vegetables over a barbeque or try your hand at pizza making at the pizza oven. They also offer farm experiences such as harvesting heritage variety vegetables grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, grape picking and wine making. 

They are also contributing to the region, using scrap wood from the Musashino region for firewood and designing a food education program for children.



Tabi Club KK.

With the concept of bringing an exciting journey to customers, Tabi Club is a travel agency that organizes group tours and school trips and more. In 2020 they have opened up their organic farm in Mitaka city, Tokyo to offer new field activities. Mitaka Organic Farm has a long history dating back to the Edo period (1603-1867). Paying special attention to the water, soil and seeds they use, they grow native and heritage varieties of vegetables and grapes using all-natural methods. In the grapevine area of the farm they are currently expanding their outdoor program. Web: